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Charlie’s ZipTraderU Course Review 2023

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ZipTraderU is a day trading course made by a young YouTuber Charlie. The course covers all of the basic fundamentals of the stock market for beginners. The course focuses on day trading and swing trading and does not cover options trading.


The course is very well explained, well organized and beginner friendly. Charlie covers multiple concepts in this course, among which his personal favorite, the technique of buying on confirmation and validation. The course lectures are made of mostly small efficient videos from two to five minutes and some concepts have longer videos of over ten minutes. After every section, there is a short quiz to test the material that was covered. Overall, there are about over ten hours of lectures that are well explained and precise to the point.



Free Content Vs ZipTraderU Paid Course Content

Free Content:

Sunday Top 3 stocks of the week (YouTube)

Daily YouTube uploads

YouTube tutorials

Free Facebook Group (170K+ members)


Paid Content:

Daily Morning Briefings

Organized course of 10h+ of lectures

Private Discord Chat (2700+ members)

Excel Sheets to track your trades



What is included in the ZipTraderU course?


1. The course includes over ten hours of lectures. Every end of a category is followed by a mini quiz to test yourself on the material. The content is subdivided into the following categories:



2. Access to a Private Discord Chat that allows you to talk with Charlie and many other beginner & experienced traders. The discord server is efficiently organized into different categories of text channel to discuss different trading styles. This is a good server to learn and ask questions to any other traders or to Charlie, seeing that both Charlie and the rest of the traders are quite responsive.


3. Access to the daily Morning Briefings. Every morning before the market opens, Charlie posts a morning briefing that includes updates of the market futures, morning catalysts, upcoming earnings dates, Charlie’s major plays & updates, upcoming biotech approvals, speculative Catalyst plays, a morning message and other information. Thus, the morning briefing is a rich watchlist for the day with much information.



Pricing of the course


ZipTraderU course costs $499 USD.


This is a great price value for the course. Most day trading courses are $400+ and some ranges in the $1000+. There are some courses that are cheaper, but they might not be as complete as this one. For $499, you have access to a full course on stock trading, access to a private discord chat & access daily morning briefing.



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Review Grade


Course Materiel 4

Quality 4.5

Beginner Friendly 5

Discord Chat 4.5

Morning Briefing 4

Price 4

Overall Grade 4.3/5


Graded on a scale from 0 to 5, 0 being very bad and 5 being very good.

Course Material: Graded by the amount content in the course.

Quality: Graded by the quality of the course.

Beginner friendly: How easy will it be for a beginner to follow this course.

Discord Chat: Graded by the quality, content, and communication in the private discord chat.

Morning Briefing: Graded on the amount and quality of the content in the morning briefings.

Price: The price value of the material given. Also graded on the competitiveness of pricing from contenders.



Is ZipTraderU Course worth buying?


ZipTraderU is worth buying for anyone that is new to trading. This is a great course that is well structured and beginner friendly. The private discord server provided in this course is a great community to be with. As a beginner, new to the market, this course is worth the education. It is a better option than losing money in the market. As mentioned, the course provides more than ten hours of lectures on all the basic fundamentals to understand the stock market and day trading, a private discord group and morning briefings.


For intermediate level traders, this course can be a good reference tool for basic concepts, but the community is worth the money to look at and learn what other traders are watching and much more. This course will not fit more advanced traders other than the community provided.


Note that buying this course will not guarantee success. It will provide you with the necessary knowledge and the mindset to trade. Day trading is very difficult, and it takes time and practice to become successful.



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